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iPhone Dream Dictionary Coming Soon

Re: Kari Hohne
So glad you are excited about this. There are currently maybe 3 – 6 I Phone Dream Dictionaries out there but the interpretations are based on the old wives tales…Zohar, dream voodoo stuff…
Example: If you dream about an elephant, it means you will either see one, you drank too much or you have big ideas. haha
My interpretation of dreaming of an elephant would consider how the elephant is a symbol of the dreamer….large, mamallian and emotional … the adopted protectiveness of the mother and how it affects the dreamer. Emotions below the surface may threaten to trample over us, but it is also the unacknowleded abiltiy to feel that can make us more powerful. In what way have we adopted behavior from the mother that may be currently undermining our power?

It is my interpretations that make my product valuable (that is why I get so much repeat traffic to my site.) My dream dictionary will be downloadable for .99c….it is basically like buying The Mind’s Mirror: Dream Dictionary book in a search engine form. Type in the word and get the interpretation….take it wherever you go.

I am also adding a feature that allows the dreamer to keep track of the search terms …..maybe they will see a pattern….dreams unfold over long periods thematically and give us insight from a broader perspective about where we are going.

Example: we dream of being chased when we don a new identity without integrating it (common during our 20’s when we enter the workforce.) Maybe we or someone (as a reflection of us) gets killed as we let go of a side of us that no longer serves us. We then dream of accompanying an Unknown Child as we “give birth” to a new or emerging aspect (the child within.)
We may dream of riding over choppy seas (afraid where the changes are leading us)… but forget….and later dream of being in a boat over calm seas after we have made it through the difficult transition and arrive. By dreaming of going somewhere and not having “makeup” or forgetting clothing….our dreams are trying to tell us something. Having similar dream themes may teach us that we are being inauthentic or that, perhaps a different road might be better for us.

When I interpret dreams, it is like summarizing a movie plot about the hero on an adventure. The only difference is that everything and everyone is a reflection of the hero…meant to teach us about ourselves objectively.
Dreams don’t divine the future like omens…they define the future because they tell us where we are now. Dreams allow us to see our circumstances, feelings and inner world more clearly.

Can you tell I love this !!!!

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