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Morning Coffee_Books Make The Best Holiday Gift

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Morning Coffee-Books Make The Best Holiday Gift

What better way to give someone a holiday gift then buying them books.
They’re economical, educational, fun and a lovely addition to any household.

Books can be shared. When you finish reading the book you can pass along to a friend.
Some authors donate a certain percentage of their sales to different non-profit organizations
they have an affinity with. Sometimes I leave a book for someone on a park bench.
You just cannot go wrong giving someone a gift of a book.

A book can make us happy, sad, angry, take us out of our own self involvement, show us another
point of view, tell us we are not alone, take us to another world, or keep us company
on a cold winter’s night.

Reading a book, with a hot cup of coffee, your favorite tea, delicious apple cider, hot chocolate or yummy chocolates.  What better way to spend your time?

I am fortunate enough to work with many gifted authors and I know for sure that this holiday season I am buying gifts of books, books, and more books.

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