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Author and well known hypnotist, Larry Garrett, received a call one day in March, 200l, asking him to be the guest of the Iraqi Government to heal a powerful businessman. Larry had no idea who this man was, but he knew he had to go. His family and friends advised him against it. Larry knew it was considered one of the 8 most dangerous places to visit, but he was compelled to go.

Arriving in Baghdad in April, 200l, he saw a beautiful city, that he knew had thousands of years of history, and he also was given the opportunity to see some of the ancient city, such as Babylon. He also found out the powerful business man he would be healing was Uday Hussein, oldest son of Saddam and like Saddam, a ruthless killer. Larry was so successful in his treatment of Uday and his communication with everyone, he was asked to come again in Sept 8, 200l. 3 days before 9/ll.

How can I say the words which best describe the relationship I have had with Sherri Rosen Publicity in New York City other than, she cares!.

I was referred to Sherri Rose by Lissy Peace, President of Blanco and Peace in Chicago. When you search for a publicist and are referred by another publicity agency, there is no higher compliment.

Sherri Rosen has taken me under her wing and connected me with avenues to promote my book which I would have never been able to without her and her staff sitting there 24/7 telling the world about my book. I had attempted myself for about 9 months without one response. I sent out 70 books to radio and TV media, no response!  I guess in publicity we need to know the right people and Sherri knows the right people.

Sherri and her staff follow up every day with e-mails, phone calls and even last minute deals which become  available. There are no stones left unturned with Sherri Rosen. She demands you to stay in tune with her as she takes pride in her promotions and wants you to stay connected so as not to lose one opportunity which comes to you.

We may look at first at the idea of spending money to promote something we have, but with this minimal investment, I feel you will receive a major return for your investment.

I would highly recommend Sherri Rosen Publicity to anyone who believes in themselves or what they have to promote.  There is a great phrase for Sherri, “Hold on tight as she moves fast!”

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