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Eleven years ago I worked on my very first self-published book How To Satisfy A Woman Every Time by Naura Hayden The book was distributed by Penguin and went on the NY Times Bestseller List for 63 weeks. Eleven years later, author Lisa Daily of Stopped Getting Dumped approaches me and I tell her “Your book is going to make it to the Bestseller List.” Within a short period of time, I was able to get so much publicity, that Lisa sold her book to Penguin, the same publisher that Naura had used eleven years ago. The rest will be history. Crossing over from self-publishing to a major publisher rarely happens, as you can see by my story, but this was done with hard work and “magic”. — Sherri Rosen

“I hired Sherri Rosen Publicity, NYC to do PR on my self-published book, Stop Getting Dumped!: All you need to know to make men fall madly in love with you and marry ‘The One’ in 3 years or less. I literally bet the last $5000 I had on their expertise. It paid off. Big time. Within weeks, they had secured a review in the New York Daily News. That led to calls from the Other Half (national talk show), Montel (national talk show) and Woman’s Own (national magazine.) I was on TV, I was on the radio, I was begging them to take a break so I could have a chance to catch my breath. A few weeks later, I was appearing on The Sally Show, had signed with a fantastic agent (engineered by Sherri, of course) and within days signed a major book deal with Penguin Putnam.”
— Author Lisa Daily

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January 23, 2020

Sherri Rosen interviews Author Stacey L. Tucker about her new book, Sky of Water, the final installment of her Equal Night Trilogy. The Equal Night Trilogy is a tribute to the extraordinary power of mothers, daughters, wives, and women of the twenty-first century—and a reminder that the future depends on the choices we make. Once the Greeks […]

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