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What Can We Do For You At Sherri Rosen Publicity?

At Sherri Rosen, we can help connect you to proven publicity channels that will carry you towards your success. We can launch your product into the marketplace and implement your entire publicity campaign- or we can focus our talents in one specific area of your publicity. We believe in working within client budgets to design tailored publicity solutions that fit their needs; how much or how little we take on is entirely up to you. We believe in clarity and transparency in project planning, and our wonderful client testimonials speak for themselves.

“Sherri bonds with her client and is deeply connected to their goals.
More importantly she is a leader in utilizing the cutting edge internet
technologies available for promotion.”
Kari Hohne, author of The Mythology of Sleep

Whatever your needs, we can come through for you:

  • Plan and implement entire publicity campaigns
  • Arrange appearances on big blogs with a high number of followers
  • Set up national shows, and book television interviews to showcase
    your product to a large number of potential customers
  • We have the ability to get results and put your book on the NY Times Bestseller List
  • Find the right radio interviews, and make them happen
  • Create a buzz about your book with creative promotions
  • Have magazine write-ups and book reviews conducted
  • Set up book club readings
  • Book Illustration and Design
  • We work on manuscripts
  • We ghostwrite
  • We write blog pieces for clients
  • We create video shorts for promotion on YouTube
  • Plan and Design DVD Press Kits
  • We tailor the publicity to your product or service. This list cannot include everything we do, because each client is different. We evolve as you grow, all the while working with the best publicity vehicles for your situation.
  • We help our clients achieve their goals. We get to promote amazing people and amazing products.


The first l/2 hour is free whereby we would set you in the right direction for your publicity campaign. You will benefit from our expertise and we will prevent you from making major mistakes. (We see this too often and a little advice at the start can go a long way.) We can speak about the audience your product is intended for, what is the best way to book you on media, and our fees. After that l/2 hour we would charge you our hourly fee.
Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Create eBooks tailored for you

We can assist you with the creation of your ebook. Many great writers have ebooks that are simple pdfs or word documents, that lack the polished look of a professional product.
We can help you to develop:

  • a wonderful manuscript that looks great
  • impeccable text
  • a design that is easier to sell

We can also help setting up the eBook for sale on line and/on your website. You can see the eBook I created “30 Days To Become A Writer.”

Obtain recording contracts, book club listings /your book to be read in book clubs

Many books are put on tape, mp3, apps, so you can listen while you are driving, etc.  The book club listings can spread the word along. How would you like to have a large book club read your book, and you in attendance for a Q&A session via Skype?

Book Illustration and Designing

We work with talented book illustrators and designers who have been in the business for years. Whether it’s for a book, eBook, or App; you can be sure that your product will look its best.

We have the ability to get results and put your book on the NY Times Bestseller List.

Manuscript Work

Our editors have years of experience and will work closely with you, give you excellent feedback, and edit whatever needs to be edited.

We ghostwrite- You may not have the time to write, but have an excellent idea that needs to be shaped into a book, and we have the writers that can do exactly that for you.

Blog Article Writing

In collaboration with Tyler Blanski (author of Mud and Poetry), we create unique, targeted blog articles for your audience.

Create websites specifically for you and your needs

We work with a talented, experienced web designer who will listen to you, work with you and give you the professional look that you deserve. We ensure that the final look reflects the direction of your publicity campaign, and that your final product is a wholistic one that makes your product shine.

Obtain major magazine articles and/ or “Playboy” spreads

Ask Barbara Keesling, author of “How To Make Love All Night And Drive A Woman Wild In Bed” what we did for her in Playboy Magazine.

Professional Interview Training for Radio, Television and Internet

With over 20 years of experience working in the field with authors, small business owners, musicians, etc.,  Sherri can prepare you for  the questions that the media programs will ask you. She helps her clients to shine during their radio, television or internet interviews.

Developing Manuscript and/or Ghostwriting

Naturi Thomas is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir How to Die in Paris, which Publisher’s Weekly calls “A haunting and heartbreaking memoir.  A phenomenal and courageous debut by a talented young writer.”  She began her writing career by publishing a children’s book in 1997, at the age of 23, and has gone on to publish short fiction, essays and poetry as well.

Naturi has extensive experience providing a full range of editorial services for authors of fiction, memoir and creative non-fiction. She works with writers who are native English speakers and those who have English as a foreign language. She offers an expertise that is exceptional.

Producing video interviews

Chris is a Creative Marketer and Multimedia Designer who works with people and businesses interesting in becoming more creative. Chris has had success in the following areas: Internet marketing, social media, journalism, blogging, graphic design, filmmaking, photography, art, writing and music composition.

He creates video productions for promotional use; getting your message onto video has never been more important in publicity than it is today.

International Authors

Open the doors of the world’s largest book market!

We help authors from different cultures, languages and continents become successful in the US. We have worked with international authors from countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Australia, South Africa and India. Seize the opportunity, send us your book (must be already translated into English), call us and let us do the rest. We understand your world – We’ll bring you fame and success in ours!


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