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Do I Have to Justify My Joy When Things Are Sh*t in USA and Internationally?

I pondered the above question  after experiencing so much joy and aliveness after seeing the brilliance of the musical, “Moulin Rouge” on Broadway!The songs, the dancing, the joy and sharing this experience with people in person.  My whole...

Learning About Self Righteousness During The Pandemic by Sherri Rosen

It shocked me when I learned, not too long ago, how self righteous I am. And, then when the awareness washed over me, to see it in others. Yikes!I have strong opinions and points of view but when the pandemic hit, the shit hit the fan for me....

Covid Driving Me Crazy, But Even In the Face of Hopelessness, I’m Learning About Resiliency and NOT GIVING UP!

  We’ve been in this thing for over two years.  Plus 4 years before that we had the scariest and evilest human as President. Over 900,000 people died in our country. Each variant gets scarier and scarier. Just when I take a break, relax a...




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