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A Field of Buttercups-A Memory of Love by Sherri Rosen

One summer when Henry and I didn’t have our children we took a vacation driving to Quebec.  It was a very boring ride because there were just miles and miles of uninteresting scenery, no people, then you would come upon a community of houses...

Guest Blogger-Tiffany Fisher-Say Goodbye to the Starving Artist-Sherri Rosen Publicity LLC

Say Goodbye to the Starving Artist: 5 Side Gigs that Pay the Bills Talent is rarely enough to make it as an artist. You also need time, materials, and networking opportunities to create and market yourself. Unfortunately, that’s not easy to do...

Border Crisis-How You Can Help-Sherri Rosen

This list was compiled through Elizabeth Cronise McGlaughlin. Please share: Below please find some resources that have been repeatedly suggested to us for donations, support and action targets. There's more coming but I don't want to hold...




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