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Covid Driving Me Crazy, But Even In the Face of Hopelessness, I’m Learning About Resiliency and NOT GIVING UP!

  We’ve been in this thing for over two years.  Plus 4 years before that we had the scariest and evilest human as President. Over 900,000 people died in our country. Each variant gets scarier and scarier. Just when I take a break, relax a...

Seduction or Befriending? by Sherri Rosen

I have found in creating friendships seducing someone is very different than befriending someone. Each has their own time and place. A thought I tell myself especially during these challenging times is: in my past I’ve been  objectified and...

“Discovering Twins”- Author searches through her maternal side to find a history of twins but learns something shocking! Interviewed by Sherri Rosen

Sherri: How have all the secrets your mother kept affected your life?  Stella: I, too, have a tendency to keep secrets. I’ll keep information I know, and plans I make, to myself, rather than sharing them. After finishing my book, I was...




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