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Dancing Into Surgery! Say What?

I’ve had 7 surgeries in the last 20 years. It’s not been a piece of cake, but fortunately they have all  been corrective surgeries.   Osteoarthritis visited my body many years ago; never left; never could be reversed.  By...

Interview w/Dr.Robert Tostado-author of wtf* is wrong with your health

Sherri Rosen- Why did you leave family practice/ traditional medicine and go into regenerative medicine? Dr. Tostado-My gut told me something was wrong with our way of treating patients, we were trained to prescribe something for every symptom...

Mamma and How I Learned To Honor Women by Sherri Rosen

Mother was a piece of work! I grew up in New England in a place called Lynn, Mass.  Our home was one block away from the ocean. That was my consolation. The inside of my home was like what I call “the hell realm”.  I was the scapegoat for my...




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