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Border Crisis-How You Can Help-Sherri Rosen

This list was compiled through Elizabeth Cronise McGlaughlin. Please share: Below please find some resources that have been repeatedly suggested to us for donations, support and action targets. There's more coming but I don't want to hold...

The Suicides of 2 Famous People–Is It Symptomatic of Our Disconnect?

Sadden by both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain’s suicides within a week of one another.  Both were extremely talented and creative and shared their uniqueness with all of us. But are their deaths symptomatic of our disconnect with one...

Fran Lewis’s review of “Dig Two Graves” by Hend Salah

Contact: Sherri@SherriRosen.Com Jezebel White hates people in general and is only concerned with running her business and seeking attention for her own self-centered purposes. Tossing feelings aside and never focusing on the needs of others, it...