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“Sherri Rosen is awesome! She hustled relentlessly on my behalf from Day One lining up interviews and book reviews. She significantly expanded my presence in social media and provided the encouragement and promotional savvy every author could use.”
LGBTQ author, Becky Bohan

“For the month and half I’ve worked with Sherri, she is amazing! Working hard and getting me interviews. She is very organized and systematic. This Lady in Red is a genuine pleasure to work with. You must experience for yourself!”
Leigh Hickombottom author of “And Still I Smilte”

“Sherri was predestined to be my publicity agent. I felt urged to send copies of my book, “Wisdom Man by Banjo Clarke as told to Camilla Chance: the compassionate life and beliefs of a remarkable [Australian] Aboriginal Elder” (published by Penguin and now on the internet), to members of the International Women’s Writing Guild, but circumstances absolutely forced me to stop at Sherri’s name. Sherri received her copy on her birthday, saw it as a gift from God, and wrote to me offering her services free. We have worked together ever since.”
Camilla Chance, author of “Wisdom Man”

“Sherri helped us develop Change Your Mind Day, a day of open and free Buddhist meditation, from a small local event involving a few hundred people into a nation wide event impacting thousands. She is creative, focused, and fun to work with.”
Rande Brown, Former Executive Director, the Tricycle Foundation, producer of Change Your Mind Day

“Sherri was not only great to work with professionally, and she worked hard by the way, but she was also a warm, intelligent, welcoming , and encouraging person. It was my first book, and Sherri brought me into her circle in New York. I met other writers and had a great time. I couldn’t recommenced her more highly, not only as a professional,but as a caring, open, and compassionate person.”
Alex Call, author of “867-5309 Jenny”

“I’m very lucky to have had Sherri as my publicist for my award-winning book, Shanti and the Magic Mandala. I got a strong intuition the first time I saw Sherri’s video at her site. At that moment I knew she was the right person for me. As I live in Brazil, we set a video chat in which I could confirm my hunch: ever since then I have found a sensitive, honest, competent and intelligent woman, and above all a highly spiritualized person, a very important quality for me. She has personalized a very good strategic marketing plan, creating an intense agenda for my novel. In my opinion we could reach amazing results. She has given me great tips, such as the one to participate in book awards, out of which I have won six already, creating a solid base for promoting Shanti. I truly recommend Sherri as a great publicist.”
FT Camargo, author of “Shanti And The Magic Mandala”

“Your Book Signing Event of Publicity From The Trenches on Video was a funtastic event for me! Although I was unable to be physically present, I had the pleasurable experience of seeing my Publicist and listening to her words of wisdom! Thank you, thank you, thank you for arranging the many radio interviews that allowed me to spread the word about my latest book, Change To A Positive Mindset And Extend Your Lifeline, and The audio companion to the Book, A Journey To Miles of Smiles, Health and Wellness, A Unique, Ideal Health Plan To Feel And Look Great From Sunrise To Sunset. I was on an exciting journey to states north, east, west and south, Canada and New Zealand too! I applaud you for sharing your expertise with published and self-published authors in your latest book!”
Edith Namm, author of “Change To A Positive Mindset And Extend Your Lifeline”

“Sherri Rosen is smart, savvy, incredibly experienced, and very determined to get the best for her clients. All that might be just normal for a publicist, but she goes well beyond the norm, because she’s also supportive, caring, and wise. I guess you could say she combines the best of fine business practice, and the art of being human.”
Barbara Chepaitis, author, Saving Eagle Mitch

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