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Erotic Novel Where Main Character Has MS

Sherri Rosen, Interviews the author of “grace” -Delaney Parker on her erotic book.

Sherri Rosen: Have you always had a desire to write?
Delaney Parker: It was my love of reading that sparked my motivation to write. I remember going to
my first sleepover with the book, ‘Stewart Little.’ So while the other kids were goofing off
and chit chatting, I was nose deep in my book. I had no idea, it was rude. To my seven
year old mind, this made no sense. How could reading be rude?

Sherri Rosen: Like you, Margaret Hall, the lead character in your book, GRACE has multiple
sclerosis. How much of yourself do you see in Margaret?
Delaney Parker: I must say Multiple Sclerosis aside, Margaret and I differ quite a bit. The best piece
of writing advice I have ever gotten is, write what you know. MS is something I know
well and want to bring light to. Margaret Hall does just that in GRACE.
Sherri Rosen: What would you want people to know about MS?
Delaney Parker:First and foremost no two MS patients have all the same symptoms and course of
disease. Multiple Sclerosis is very unpredictable but strides are being made every day
to better understand both the disease and how to manage the symptoms.

Sherri Rosen: Can you tell us more about Margaret Hall?
Delaney Parker: Margaret Hall is a smart, loving feisty woman scraping forty who despite having MS
wants another baby. She wants to do this while being a great mother to their son, an
attentive wife and also a best friend. Her story is similar to a lot of us.
Sherri Rosen: What do you hope to convey with GRACE?
Delaney Parker: What I am hoping to convey with GRACE is, All of us have dreams, desires, goals
and hopes. They may be different for each person, we all have obstacles to overcome,
we all need to learn if we want to achieve the life we want most.

Sherri Rosen: Onto the fun stuff, GRACE while covering serious topics also serves some serious
heat with explicit sex scenes. Why did you write those scenes so explicitly?
Delaney Parker: Because sex is explicit. It isn’t full of innuendos and flowery adjectives. IThese are
grown up married or sometimes, not so married people having all kinds of sex and
being honest about what they want and how it feels.

Sherri Rosen: Did you set out to write adult fiction or erotica?
Delaney Parker: Oh you will love this. There I was writing away and a scene and I found myself at a
part where if it were real life, the couple would have at each other. So having never
done that ever, I didn’t know what to do.. Well I literally googled–How to write sex
sounds. Lo’ and behold I did get some hits and learned what I could. I’ve been writing
those saucy scenes ever since.
Sherri Rosen:There are some people who read this book and think,perhaps the main character
Margaret is you and you are telling your own story through Margaret. Is that true?
Delaney Parker:That is a great question. I think across the board there are bits and pieces of 
not only me but other people I know that make up these characters. 
So yes you might see a characteristic or a gesture that may seemingly be something that you 
have or someone might see me do. But those are just tidbits of the characters. 
They are very much their own people. And I assure you this story is not mine but I do love telling it.
Sherri Rosen: Will we be seeing Margaret, Marie, and the rest of the characters again?
Is there another book after Grace?
Delaney Parker: Why yes there is. I had just finished it at the beginning of the summer. 
It is now going into rewrites and editing. Soon it will be in print as well and you’ll be able to see 
what happens with Margaret after GRACE.
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