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Author, Carol Heywood Babrauskas

We have been doing book publicity for Carol’s new book “Passioante Pinky”. The book is about living a “high vibe” life, as Carol would call it. Carol has a spiritual prospective that is full of hope, fun, and how eating right can keep you vibrant and alive.

We have been working with her for six months now, and we are about to proceed taking her
into new areas such as retreat and holistic centers, new age bookstores, food chains,
and many other exciting areas here and abroad. She has much wisdom to share with others.

She is a passionate speaker and has a great sense of humor, and we know that this direction
will be a successful one for her. If you wish to visit her website please visit: For inquiries for Carol for speaking engagements please call us
at Sherri Rosen Publicity, NYC, 2l2-587-0296 or emai us at

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2 Responses to “Author, Carol Heywood Babrauskas”

  1. Len Walker Says:

    I have just today learned of the passing of my dear old friend Carol
    Heywood. She visited me often on Vancouver Island.

    Are you aware of the cause of her death?
    thank you

  2. Len Walker Says:

    If anyone can inform me of the cause of her passing I would be
    most grateful. my addy is: artistwriter(at) > not gmail<
    with gratitude

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