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Comedian,Danielle Broussard says in Joy Behar’s “When You Need A Lift”

Comedian, Danielle Broussard, says in a chapter in Joy Behar’s book “When You Need A Lift”, “I am a big believer in the idea that there is very little that a new pair of shoes and a Klondike bar can’t fix. A Dove Bar, if it’s really bad.”

Danielle was a semi-finalist on “Last Comic Standing” and Joy was one of the judges. They seem to hit it off and low and behold Danielle was asked by one of Joy’s assistants to write a chapter in her book. Danielle also appears with her husband, after some of the episodes of the new and exciting series on HBO, “Tell Me You Love Me.” You can see some of her work on her website at

Danielle writes in Joy’s book that she was having a really bad time in her life with declining health, and what made it even worse was trying to seek out her birth mother to find out about her birth history, etc., but her mother not only wouldn’t give her any information, but informed Danielle that she wasn’t her mother.

At Danielle’s bleakest hour, one where she didn’t want anyone around, her cat jumped up and nestled in the crack of her ass. And Danielle laughed. It brought Danielle back from a place that no child or adult should ever be, and she understood about unconditional love.
“Hell, she says, my cat needs to be sedated every time I go on the road.”
Danielle has been a stand-up comic for over l0 years.
She is a regular at The Comic Strip Live and The Comedy Cellar in New York City. She has also appeared on Late Night With Conan O’Brien. She has recently provided comedy commentary for various television shows on VH1.

This would make a super interview, either speaking about comedy, adoption, theatre, laughter.

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