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Book Publicist Recommends “The Tartan Mystique”

The Tartan Mystique – Ritual in Action! by Dr. Michael Picucci
In kicking up the pleated kilt, Dr Michael Picucci, a psychologist with many clients in the
worlds of fashion and design, looks at tartan through his unique research lens. After thirty
years of practicing in the fields of energy psychology, the mysteries of consciousness, and the
movement toward a more sane humanitarian evolution, he muses on tartan’s ritualistic
properties and glimpses a possible future for its mystique.
There are three fundamental aspects to modern ritual: (1) intention (2) resource energy – the
body’s hidden talisman, and (3) the “curious observer” part of us, being the non-physical,
non-mental aspect of our essence that allows us to observe the physical, mental and the
sensorial. When it all comes into focus, I call it focalizing; and tartan does it well. Tartan
fabric is a living textile design; it is a ritual in action! When we chose to buy, wear or
decorate with these sometimes subtle, intricate geometric tastes of color we have an intention
to make a statement. The transcendent qualities imbued in tartan’s history are resource
energy, and the curious observer gets to delight in the restorative nature the selection of plaid
provides. Just as in ritual, the historical presence of the interwoven grid, tartan magically
seduces and embraces paradox.
Tartan appeals to our old brain, the primitive part of us that is instinct-driven, drawing on
nature to inform our choices. And, incidentally hard wired to the language of the soul. Tartan
speaks: It says “I am here!,” “I give a damn.” It also says with great dignity and power, “I
have been here a long time.” As we use fashion and clothing to define and experiment with
our identities empathic associations are created. In those associations, we sometimes
intuitively yearn for the grounding of ancestors, be they real or archetypal. In times of
seeking both comfort and self expression, we lean towards what is familiar, what is historic,
even in an unconscious way. That could explain the mysterious appearance of all the
seemingly random displays of tartan after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.
Tartan is soulful; it goes beyond the physical and the mental. For many people tartan
resonates with essential heartfelt qualities of yearning for calm, connection, and the
expression of an innate intelligence. This yearning is the language of the soul. These
breath-of-life designs are reminiscent of the all the great mysteries of the energetic universe,
containing dynamics that are real, yet unexplainable, like quantum physics and chaos theory.
Alive, true and essential, yet we can’t quite grasp it; we can only feel and trust it based on our
felt sense reaction to it. This makes tartan a phenomena!
Tartan may become even more present and important as we learn more about how ritual is
becoming a resource for a sane and sustainable future. It grounds us in a noble humility that
is palpable. So much about the history, presence and mystique of tartan is woven into the
tapestry of this book. Perhaps all of this can create a greater appreciation of the non-ordinary
state of consciousness with the solace that the grids, order and colors of tartan inspire.
Anyone who has explored the frontiers of consciousness inexplicably knows that the universe
is itself an energetic series of grids, order, colors, and subtleties.
Perhaps the relationship with tartan as a symbol will evolve to unify the oneness that our
souls struggle to express. And the next century’s children may be living in harmony with
earth and the universe … perhaps wearing a touch of tartan.
We have worked with Dr. Picucci and we highly recommend you visiting his website at

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