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Publishing Forecast for 2008

Dear All,
We want to share something that we have said to our clients over and over for years.  This was written
by the editor of Publisher’s Weekly, Sara Nelson.

“We all know that publishing is an unpredictable business Who would have imagined a year ago
that a self-help book based upon an obscure Australian video would become one of the most
successful books of 2007.  Or that books by such beloved authors, Jonathan Sebold and Alice
Sebold would sell so poorly.

Nobody, not even experienced and hopeful editors and agents and booksellers-that’s who.

Yet that’s what we like about the book business, it is the unknown, the sense of magic,
that keeps us signing contracts, stocking shelves and turning pages year after year.:=”

Sherri Rosen says “never give up on your project!”

We Beleive in hard work and magic

Sherri Rosen Publicity, NYC

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