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“Release Your Magical Child” by Amber Deann

Headline: Author and Alternative Healer, Amber Deann Send Thanks To Her Parents For Her Experience in Child Abuse


New York, New York:  January, 2008, new book  “Release Your Magical Child”.


The heroine of the story, Camillia, has lost her connection to her inner child.  She can’t feel.

She had no problem with that until she began having problems at work and waking up with nightmares.  She’s fearful and she asks herself “Why is it important to feel?  Who wants to feel the trauma of their early childhood?”


Camillia knows there is more to changing your life than “The Secret” claims.  You have to find your buried feelings.


Join Camillia on her heart-warming journey of self-discovery to find her feelings, and to reconnect with her inner power and the joy and freedom of the Magical Child.


The book will show you:

·     How to identify and accept your emotions

·     How the angelic realm assists your spiritual growth by working within Universal law

·     The innocence, freedom and joy of childhood

·     How you became wounded and how to transform the wounded ness


The author, Amber Deann, lives in the Sacramento, Ca. area and is a practicing and clinically certified hypnotherapist and certified massage therapist.  She also gives workshops with well known author and Yoga instructor, Michelle Paisley, on allowing access and exploration of your body’s inner wisdom and making your body a nice place to live.  For more information please visit


The author is available for interviews.



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