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“l05 Ways To Celebrate Menstruation” by Kami McBride

Says Dr. Christine Northrup,

Author of “Woman’s Bodie’s”, Woman’s Wisdom” and “The Wisdom of Menopause”


“I just adore “l05 Ways to Celebrate Menstruation”.  It’s light, fun and empowering.  Every woman and girl should read this!”





After listening to more than a thousand women talk about their negative feelings about menstruation, Kami was inspired to write this book to help women explore healthy ways to work with their menstrual cycle, without endangering them to take a pill to shorten their  cycle.


“105 Ways to Celebrate Menstruation” guides women in using their menstrual cycle as a tool for creating a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.  More than 70% of women experience one or more of the 100 symptoms associated with PMS.  More than 100 million Americans seek advice from holistic health practitioners each year.  Exposure of Hormone Replacement Therapy risks have women looking for non-drug based solutions to address their menstrual and menopausal symptoms.


In this book you will learn:


Tools To Better Understand Your Body:


·     How to use menstruation as a  tool for personal growth and self-healing

·     Better understanding your body

·     Lots of herbal recipes, meditation and tips

    that guide and empower women


For almost two decades Kami McBride has been dedicated to empowering women in caring for their body using herbs and holistic solutions.  Her book is the culmination of almost 20 years as an herbalist helping women with their health concerns. 


As founder and director of The Living Awareness Institute, Kami provides women’s wellness programs and course in learning the art of healing with herbs.  The mission of her work is to inspire women to connect with their bodies and understand how to work with the healing power of nature.  Please visit  This is a wonderful interview.





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