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“On The Path” by Christa Victoria

Headline:  February, 2008: African American Author, Christa Victoria Has Something To Share During Black History Month:


“On The Path” an amazing book by author, singer, song writer, actress, Christa Victoria”

“On The Path”  is absolutely wonderful! Christa’s uniquely descriptive writing style places you front-row-center in the story of one woman’s painful yet triumphant process of self-discovery and personal growth.  What is more fitting than to present On The Path during Black History Month written by Christa Victoria, a beautiful, multi-talented, vibrant African-American woman.

Vicki, as she is referred to in the story, is on a fierce, spiritual journey into the unknown, facing love, laughter, fears and letting go.  She is confronted with racism, struggles with family, spiritual manipulation of light and dark energies, and her own demons on several continents.  Only acceptance of self, incredible faith and belief can pull her through.  Will she make it?

In the midst of savory food, the warmth and protection the Tudor home offered against the great outdoors, and the brand new love that had come into Vicki’s life; she felt a presence, his presence, even before he entered the kitchen.  There was a diabolical flair in his gait as he descended the stairs, a purposeful hesitation to each step as the sound became louder, closer.  Tightness enveloped Vicki’s throat making it difficult to breathe, while the thumping of her heart accelerated in anticipation of whatever was approaching.  Holding her breath, she stood motionless, eyes glued to the doorway, waiting.

These are one of the many experiences Vicki is destined to ride out, not knowing the outcome that awaits her.

This is Christa Victoria’s first book.  Within these pages, the reader is able to see themselves and their own relationships more clearly, more profoundly. Christa, an accomplished singer, composer, musical director and actress, has developed a unique relationship blending her African American roots with Chinese culture, systems and beliefs. Wei Ziao Quan, the name affectionately given to her in Taiwan, 1983, is her signature amongst her martial art teachers and fellow students in New York City’s Chinatown.  You can visit her at  She makes her home in New York City.  This is a fascinating and gripping interview.






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