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Aging With Dignity


Our mission is to help you and your family plan  and receive the care you deserve. 


Aging with Dignity issues National Call to Action…

Introduces 20 translations…(click to read)


Something is terribly wrong: The majority of Americans want to die at home surrounded by family and friends, but most end up dying in the hospital or nursing home, cared for by strangers. Half of Americans die in pain that could have been treated.  Sick people have come to fear losing their dignity or burdening their families more than they fear death.  And this is all happening in a country that is meant to prize the rights of individuals and champion respect for personal wishes.

The non-profit Aging with Dignity was established because you and your family deserve better.  We provide you with the practical information, advice and legal tools you need to ensure your wishes and those of your loved ones will be respected.  By helping you improve your own quality of care, we can bring about dramatic change, one person at a time.  We believe Americans must safeguard the rights of the sick, aging or dying with the same enthusiasm we show for the young or healthy.  Since Jim Towey founded Aging with Dignity in 1996, the organization has worked to protect each person’s God-given human dignity because we owe it to each other to expect — and achieve — nothing less.We invite you to read welcoming remarks from Paul Malley, president of Aging With Dignity.  Or, click here to learn aboutAging with Dignity’s recent activities. 



Aging with Dignity issues National Call to Action…

Introduces 20 translations…(click to read)



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    I found this entry via a search engine and really enjoying reading! I will soon begin my medical career and can use all kinds of information! Thanks

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