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“The Midas Maze” by Helen Fogarassy



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Headline:  Globalization Can Be Fun!  Diplomacy Is Far More Intriguing Than Dropping Bombs!


June, 2008, New York City:  Helen Fogarassy, author of   “The Midas Maze” has been working at the UN for over l5 years within the press office of the Department of Information.  In this amazing and exciting book the author shows us the UN is the forum for world diplomacy.  It was established in the ashes of the failed League of Nations after World War II on the insistence of the US.  Sixty-odd years later, its presence impacts throughout the world in such projects as those run by the International Monetary Fund. 

American titans such as Ted Turner and Bill Gates have teamed with the UN on global health projects.  Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Mohammed Ali are Ambassadors of Peace for UN agencies.  The UN website receives millions of hits daily from visitors worldwide but the Organization remains an inaccessible icon to most of the world and a looming threat to the provincial of those in the blessed US.


“The Midas Maze” brings the intricacies of global politics down to the personal level by involving in the process a diplomatic wife who is a communications professional whose personal conflicts with spouse, colleagues and friends parallel her broader career challenges within the global system.  Triumphing with an openness that always wins out over fears of the unknown, she undoes a sanctioned egomaniac threatening world progress.


The author makes her home in New York City and is available for interviews.  She has a birds eye view of how the UN works from the inside out and this is such a current and happening interview.



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