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What Do You Stand For?-Sherri Rosen Publicity, NYC

Some of us may be seeking work, some of us may be unhappy on our jobs, some of us may be content right where we are,

but if you are seeking a change or to change the type of clients or business you work with, make sure whomever or whatever your choice is, that it reflects your value system, your integrity, and it makes you happy. Don’t just take any client, and don’t just take any

We have been in business for over ll years, and every now and then, I have run across a client who I have had to fire,
because their value system, their way of doing business did not reflect what our company’s philosophy was all about.
It hasn’t been easy when I have either had to fire a client or turn them away, because at each time the money
would have made my business run much easier.  But I had to respect what our company has been striving for
and that has been about putting good books out into the world and giving a voice to authors that would never have  
been heard.

What do you stand for?  “If you don’t stand for something will you will fall for anything?”

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