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We Just Want To Be Heard-Sherri Rosen Publicity, NYC

When I first moved my publicity office to downtown Manhattan I became part of the Fleet banking system, which is now called Bank of America.  When it was Fleet, it was small, the folks were helpful and I felt I was being heard, and there was someone I could count on if there was a problem.  When Fleet was bought by  Bank of America I was being put into a huge system.  Then the connections were lost.  Each time I went into the bank to ask for assistance, I could see it in the bank manager’s body language and speech that he just wanted to get rid of me.  The other day I had another problem with a big check not being received by Bank of America, because I was given the wrong address by one of the customer service associates on the phone.  I  realized that I had to go into a branch and seek some assistance.  I was lucky.  Really lucky. I found Shota, a small banking associate (that’s what they call them now), and he was a dream.  I could not believe how kind, helpful and supportive he was.  It took 3 weeks to work through the entire problem, and Shota was there every step of the way.  He did not let me down.  When I reached out for assistance, he was there and I felt I was being heard.  What does it feel like to you when you are being heard? Do your clients, your boss, your husband, your lover, your wife, your employees, feel like they are being heard?
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