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Come To Yalapa, Mexico in February, 2009!!!

A New Twist on an Old Theme!


What used to be

Fanning the Creative Spark in Paradise (aka Yelapa, Mexico)

Is now

Connecting with Mother Earth to Explore Creative Adaptation to Her Changing Conditions While Having Fun in Paradise (aka Yelapa, Mexico)


With Carol Heywood-Babrauskas, seer and author of Passionate Pinky and the Evolutionary Experiment and Shelley Mowat, creative expressionist

Thursday Feb 12 – Sunday Feb 22, 2009




Yelapa, Mexico is a very special place tucked away from the rest of the world where there are no cars and no roads but only an hour water-taxi ride from Puerto Vallarta. Casa Milagros is a gracious home on top of a bluff with a glorious view that houses 12-15 of us for a rich, fabulous and fun experience.


After several years of conducting very successful creativity workshops in Yelapa, Carol’s recent visions regarding the need for adaptation to Earth’s changes has inspired her to focus her life and her workshops on this engaging topic.  This new passion motivated her to recently complete the EcoVillage Design Education Course at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, start an intentional community/ecovillage, study permaculture and listen to Earth and think creatively about finding new ways to live in harmony with Nature.  This workshop is being designed as an opportunity to intimately connect with Mother Earth in this place where she expresses with such rich verdant life-force and then share and discuss the new perspectives and adaptations gained through that connection.  This will take place on a backdrop of optional group outings like riding horses to the upriver waterfall where we swim (pictured above) and picnic, or take a boat to the wild-life preserve at the Marietta Islands for awesome sight-seeing both above and below water, or take a guided hike to a nearby pristine jungle waterfall with more swimming and then lunching at an in-home café for a very authentic fresh Mexican meal and experience.  To keep the creative flow going strong, the very talented Shelley Mowat will inspire us with musical jamming, dancing and many other creative explorations.  Then there will be plenty of personal time for any number of activities including connecting and listening to Nature.  Creative team meal cooking provides delicious and healthy meals and specific diet needs are accommodated. Special time after dinner is provided for sharing individual gifts of teachings, talents, etc. All this, added to the valuable input of each participant will result in a very transformational shift into creative living in harmony with Mother Earth and each other.  And it will be lots of fun!

It is possible to see the world with new eyes once you have bathed yourself in Yelapa magic.

This will be my 11th trip to Yelapa so I know it very well and I will keep you under my wing. The fee of $1,233 (cash, checks, credit cards, or PayPal) covers the workshop fee, 10 nights accommodation (2 nights in Puerto Vallarta, 8 nights in Yelapa), all meals at the Casa (we go dutch for our meals out in Puerto Vallarta and when we go out for a few meals in Yelapa – there are some very good inexpensive restaurants there). Yelapa, as wonderful as it is, is not for everyone. Things are still a bit rustic – they only got electricity a few years ago – so a sense of adventure is helpful!  Plus the house requires trekking up almost 200 steps. Great for keeping in shape!

Getting to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico is up to you, but I am happy to help with flight arrangements if needed. Thursday, Feb 12 will be our travel day so we will meet up at the lovely beachfront Hotel Rosita in the early evening. (I make the reservations but you can check it out at ) The next day you have a choice of a guided exploration of Puerto Vallarta or time on your own.  Then Saturday morning we will take a water taxi and leave the hustle/bustle world behind us and arrive in the unique peaceful world of Yelapa about an hour later, usually having encountered whales, dolphins, sting rays and sea turtles along the way. After a full week of Yelapa enchantment, the workshop will officially close on Saturday evening, Feb 21. Most will head home on Sunday, Feb 22, but arrangements can be made to stay on longer at the house if desired.

Casa Milagros, the house we will share in Yelapa, lives up to its name as Miracle House – special things happen there. This lovely old family dwelling, with matriarch Antonia and her Texan husband, Hugo, seems to preside over Yelapa from its cliff-top vantage point. The 2000 sq ft rooftop patio that offers awesome views by day and stunning star gazing by night, will be our hang-out for the week. If you would like to get a feel for the house, check out their website at More details about travel, etc. will be provided for those who sign up.




“Eyes…Into mid-life I moved, recognizing the toll of participating in a tic-tock culture, high expectation job, single parenting and several home and cultural moves… The toll was visible in my eyes, tired dim pupils, partially hidden by heavy lids, life seemed to be draining away, self love in very short supply, I didn’t know what to do. On a whim, with a leader I barely knew and a group of people I had never met, I chose to take a break. Thought I’d just run away for a while to this “Creativity Workshop/Retreat” in a rustic Mexican location and maybe recharge a little. What actually happened was much more than a recharge! It was an opportunity to recognize and step into myself… my true self. An opportunity to breathe in the gifts others offered freely, and to breathe out, to find and share the gifts that were hiding inside myself. Experiences of balance, of connection to heaven and earth, and of loving energy were all there to choose. After many very special experiences and deep rests I awoke one morning to find a new person in the mirror… For the first time in as long as I can remember, I loved looking into my own eyes, vibrant, green and sparkly. Life, optimism and creativity came back! I am forever grateful to Carol for creating such a fruitful opportunity.”                — Jim Wilson — Westbank, British Columbia

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