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Witnessing the Inauguration at Trinity Church

Dear All,

I wanted to share my experience with you and I would enjoy hearing anyone else’s experience today.
I walked into Trinity Church on this cold January day expecting to stand in the back and watch on the big screen
tv’s throughout this historical church.  Something told me to move to the far left, away from the crowd and I did.
The next thing I knew a church person yelled out who would like a seat down front.  I yelled out “I would” and
the next thing I knew I was in the pew in the first row.  Sitting next to me was a priest from England and his daughter.
They had flown into NYC for 2 days to come to Trinity Church to witness this historic event.  We were a community
gathered to the community in Washington, D.C., gathered to the universal community watching this inspirational
I could feel the joy in my bones, the tears in my heart, the love in my being.  We had finally climbed the ladder
of hope and witnessing something so hopeful for the future, for the next generation.  I was so touched.  
People were polite in the church and none of us booed as many of the republicans came onto the dais, but boy oh
boy, to be honest I wanted to.  It felt as though I had come through an 8 year nightmare and 8 years of grief, but when Vice-President
Biden and his family along with President Obama and his family came out, I felt as though we were all one.  I don’t know what
the future will bring, but it’s been a long time since I have felt such inspiration and hopefulness about our country.
The camera panned some of the millions of folks that were there. I saw my friends, William, Salima, Amy, Paul, Steve, Andre,
Russ, John, Cynthia, Deborah, Kathryn, Carol in every face.  They were filled with so much joy.  When Yo Yo Ma was playing
the piece written by John williams for this special day, I could feel the joy coming through him and the music he was playing.
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