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Innovation: Author Combines Philanthropy with Educating Business Owners, Corporations and Entrepreneurs

Innovation: Author Combines Philanthropy with Educating Business Owners, Corporations and Entrepreneurs

June, 2009 — Respected business author Allen H. Munro is heading to New York to add excitement to the business community. He is being exhibited at the Book Expo America by his New York publisher in displaying a series of six titles on strategy-crafting and strategic business planning.

“As an author it’s difficult enough to get a publishing deal for even one book,” says Allen, “But Morgan James Publishing loved the unique strategic business planning methodology and committed to publishing the full set on sight! When they signed the deal, I was just Hit For A Six! They have shown great entrepreneurial courage and most certainly during these harsh economic times and global financial turmoil.”

And as part of his promotional strategy for this series titled, Structures for Strategyâ„¢, Allen will also be on display at the Book Expo America with his own Writers Row booth and has developed a unique way to attract world-wide attention out of the Expo for the series. He is hosting the concept of a first edition literary fundraising auction. Visiting the website holds a chance reward for any Bidder.

Allen says the competition is open to individuals and corporations in all walks of life who’d like to support their favorite charity and be rewarded for their kindness by being entered in the running to win a Collectors Set of this series.

“Just visit the Auction Author website and enter the pledge amount to your Donation Recipient of choice,” he says, “Log it in then stay in the bidding process to vie for the Highest Winning Bidder status, if that is your aim. Thereafter, you simply make the donation good via payment directly to your Recipient by your own means. So the destiny of your bid is controlled totally from beginning to end by you and you alone.”

Visitors to the site will be asked to: Make A Bid, Win The Set & Save A Soul, and then bid for the highest pledge status by Auction Deadline on May 31, 2009 (New York Eastern Standard Time) and this winner, plus a computer Lucky Dip Draw Winner, will receive a uniquely author-autographed Collector’s Set of the series.

“I’m hoping such renowned philanthropists as Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson, and Bill Gates will also be attracted to the site, and challenge our own Australian Big League in taking up the gauntlet to register the pledge they were going to make to their recipient of choice anyhow, and this, in a small way, is my humble attempt to reward such acts of kindness. The competition to win a Collector’s Set will include all of the bidders that enter a pledge, and I commend them all for their charity, delivered amidst such harsh economic times and so highly valued by their beneficiaries.”

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