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Victoria and Fredrick For President

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MOSON Productions and Create Carolina Presents
Victoria and Frederick for President

The New York International Fringe Festival-Fringe NYC
A production of The Present Company
August 14th-August 30th
Tickets: $15. For tickets visit

MOSON Productions and The Create Carolina Arts Festival are proud to present Victoria and Frederick for President in the 13th annual The New York International Fringe Festival. Playwright, Jonathan Davidson and director, Charles Randolph-Wright have partnered with a stellar cast to recreate this multimedia production.

Before there was Obama there was Douglass. Before there was Hillary, Nancy Pelosi and Sara Palin there was Victoria Woodhull and Susan B. Anthony. A little known fact in American history is that in 1872 Victoria Woodhull, the first female stockbroker, ran for President of the United States and nominated Fredrick Douglass, a former slave, as her vice presidential nominee. “Victoria & Frederick for President” is the untold story of a campaign and moment in American History that has taken 137 years to come around again.

Victoria and Frederick for President was commisioned by The Create Carolina Arts Festival and Winthrop University to combine elements of classical period theater and modern multi media to give historical context to the presidential candidacies of both Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. The production delivers an opportunity to connect the dots from Frederick Douglass to Barrack Obama; And from Victoria Woodhull and Susan B. Anthony to Hillary Clinton and Sara Palin.

“Victoria and Frederick for President embraces characters who were were way way ahead if their time … I knew the history but it didn’t hit home until this play

– Mike Collins, “Charlotte Talks”, NPR

Charles Randolph-Wright’s play BLUE, starring Phylicia Rashad, broke box office records at Arena Stage, the Roundabout Theatre in New York City, and in Los Angeles (also starring Diahann Carroll and Clifton Davis.) Also for the stage, Charles directed and co-wrote Me and Mrs Jones, a musical starring Lou Rawls, and featuring the classic R&B music of the Sound of Philadelphia.

Victoria and Frederick for President is directed by Charles Randolph-Wright. Charles Randolph-Wright (director) is a director, writer and producer for the theatre, film and television. He wrote and directed the soon to be released film Mama I Want to Sing and directed the award winning feature Preaching to the Choir. A member of the original Broadway cast of Dreamgirls, Charles has directed acclaimed stage productions as well as written the award winning plays Blue and Cuttin’ Up. He produced and wrote the TV series Linc’s, and most recently directed the series Lincoln Heights.

Playwright, Jonathan Davidson, is currently being commissioned to write two feature length screenplays for Adrian Grenier’s His stage play “Jericho” premiered at “The Becket Playwrights Festival,” and had a critically acclaimed run at the Clemente Sotto Valez Cultural center in New York City. Jonathan recently worked as a producer for the HBO documentary, “Shot in the Dark”.

MOSON Productions is a New York based 501(c)(3) dedicated to the production of independent film, theatre, dance, music and visual arts. MOSON builds partnerships with artists and organizations that undertake creative and pioneering ventures. Priority is given to projects that expand the community’s access to art.

More on MOSON’s past productions:
Jonathan Davidson’s previous play commissioned by Create Carolina, Home Now AKA The Granny Play, was nominated for best theater event in Charlotte N.C.

” Once in a blue moon, amidst all the glitzy premieres, dinners, and rock star
moments, some artsy friend eventually drags your ass to some real theater. Thank God, too.”
-Jauretsi Saizarbitoria, Entertainment Editor, Jane Magazine

“Davidson is courageous and embodies the continuing lives of New Yorkers with biting humor and delicate emotion. The specificity of his characters and his ability to flow effortlessly into each of them is nothing short of amazing.”
-Audrey Kelly, Fade In Magazine

“Playwright-performer Jonathan L. Davidson is a versatile performer, who’s exceptional production (The Bitten Apple) is moving, fast-paced, and intimate.”
-LA Weekly

“As a playwright, Jonathan L. Davidson has a unique voice and an original vision. His new play, Jericho, is innovative, provocative, and hilarious… More ambitious than most writers’ entire oeuvres, Jericho covers the fabric of American society from 1964 to 2003. Jim Ryan, Davidson’s frequent collaborator, directs at a breakneck pace that makes the time fly by.”
Backstage. COM

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