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Intern’s Experience w/Sherri Rosen Publicity,NYC

Similar to many students in their first year of college, I eagerly searched for an internship position that I could hold during the summer, related to my field of study in Communications. Unlike other friends of mine, my internship search was neither lengthy nor exhausting. My primary goal was to get out of my hometown of Montreal, and to travel to New York City, where I would be welcomed by friends, experience the Big Apple and conquer it. The world of publicity appeared glamorous to me and this is precisely why I typed into Google’s search engine, “Publicists in New York”. Low and behold Sherri’s website appeared on the first page!

Her webpage was clean and straightforward. Her company looked appealing and was advertised as a place that I could see myself working for. But what really drew me in was the section outlining the company’s philosophy. This is mainly because in my Communications program we are repeatedly being told that private media companies and PR firms are driven highly by money.

Problematically, the home that I grew up in and the values that were instilled in me were the polar opposite of those in the field that I was learning about. During the school year I often found myself conflicted with my values and with the work that I would potentially go into. Yet Sherri’s company did not seem to create strife between my passions and my personal ethics. In her website, it is written, “we have a personal relationship with anyone we represent. They know we want to do the best we can for them… we have an intuitive sense when we do publicity, and we respect it and work with it, and it comes through each and every time”.

Thankfully, this concept and value system has been manifested in her work and in the way in which she deals with her clients. I hear and see this everyday when she communicates with her clients, friends and the people around her. Moreover, this company personalizes practically everything. Press releases are not sent out in mass emails, the way that many publicity companies operate, simply because it is easier. Instead, the mailing lists are tailored specifically to the subject of the authors’ books. After about 2 weeks of working for Sherri, the negative conceptions that I once held about the world of publicity have melted away.

This company showed me that I could pursue what I am passionate about while simultaneously living by my ethics. A fundamental aspect of Sherri Rosen Publicity is that it doesn’t entail working in some cubicle with 5 other interns and 300 employees; from 9am to 5pm. Sherri holds close relationships with her clients and with the people who work for her. Furthermore, she is very sensitive to the needs of her employees and treats them with great respect. This company does not encourage an arrogant or dog eat dog attitude, which is superficial and short-lived. Rather, Sherri has introduced me to a world that is driven by bettering the environment we live in. Her primary goal is to give a voice to authors who are often overlooked and who write about substantial material that serves for the public good. Sherri Rosen Publicity is New York City’s best kept secret in the world of ethically-driven publicity.

454 Manhattan Ave., Suite 3J
NYC 10026
“When It Comes To Publicity We Believe In Hard Work and Magic!”

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