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“The Mythology of Sleep”-The Waking Power of Dreams

The Mythology of Sleep:
The Waking Power of Dreams

By Kari Hohne

Publisher: Way Of Tao Books

Praise for Kari Hohne’s work in interpreting dreams:

“Interesting. I had no idea that a silly dream would teach me so much about myself. I will definitely be looking at my dreams more carefully.”

“When you describe the dream, you know what I am facing now. It is the situation exactly. Thank you for the dream interpretation.”

“I want to thank you for taking the time to interpret my dream. I now see how I need to integrate my authenticity in the work that I do…”
-United States

“The Mythology of Sleep:The Waking Power of Dreams” shows us we have a common language in the symbolism that inspires our dreams no matter where we live in the world.

When reading this book YOU will embark on a “great adventure” into realizing how important your dreams are, and how dream symbols relate to the fantastic characters and landscapes of world mythology. This book breaks new ground in the realm of Joseph Campbell’s work on archetypes and the hero’s journey. What makes this book unique is the author’s realization in detecting cycles in dreams that resemble the hero cycles of world mythology.

You will understand:

1. What nature has to do with why we dream

2. How nature is a role model in helping us to achieve success and wellness

3. Why dreams seem bizarre and strange

4. The meaning in a dream of being chased or going out in our underwear

So would you want to go on this hero’s journey?

I say yes! People are searching for more meaning in their lives, and to understand that the spiritual path need not be tied to dogma. One of our greatest ways of learning can come from dream interpretation or by looking within.

Kari Hohne is a dream analyst, motivational speaker, productivity consultant, and uses the power of nature as inspiration in writing her books: Nothing Bad Happens in Life: Nature’s Way of Success, The Mind’s Mirror: Dream Dictionary, and Tao te Ching: The Poetry of Nature. Her website Www.WayofDreams.Com pulls over 2,000 users a month from around the world and her I-Phone App, WayofDreams: Dream Dictionary is due to be released in August, 2009. Since nature inspires the author’s work, the proceeds go back into protecting the environment through an organization on her website: Green Planet Blue Ocean (specifically protecting our reefs).

As a business professional, she coaches environmental organizations to achieve higher productivity. As an environmentalist, she inspires business leaders with the sustainable power in nature. She lives in California.

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Sherri Rosen Publicity LLC, NYC

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