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Innovative New Cancer Treatment

A friend of mine, Robert Goldman, Www.VascularDesigns.Com, has been working on the treatment for cancer patients to rid them of their tumors, which takes all of l5 mins. Please read this info, and go to the website for more info.

About IsoFlow

The IsoFlowâ„¢ infusion catheter brings a new treatment option to individuals battling life-threatening illnesses that can benefit from highly targeted drug delivery, such as cancer.

IsoFlow is a dual balloon catheter designed to isolate a specific treatment region from blood flow. It allows the infusion of fluids into the region and the perfusion of blood past the region to keep the blood flow intact during treatment. According to numerous studies, with this type of directed approach to fluid delivery, physicians can increase drug concentrations at targeted sites while reducing systemic exposure, thereby improving efficacy and patient outcomes. This makes IsoFlow ideal for battling illnesses such as cancer for which treatment requires the direct infusion of chemotherapy drugs to a targeted region of the body like a tumor.

The IsoFlow catheter enables sideways perfusion, which gives physicians the ability to deliver medications sideways while using pressure to push the medication into the targeted area. With IsoFlow’s unique design, fluids can reach areas that could not previously be treated directly.

During treatment, the IsoFlow catheter is inserted over a guide wire for precise positioning within a patient’s body. Once in place, medication is infused and isolated when both of the catheter’s balloons are simultaneously inflated using fluid via a single inflation lumen. IsoFlow has received
510(k) marketing clearance from the FDA for use as a
Class II medical device. It is available now to physicians and to patients by prescription.

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