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Are You Happy With Your Work?

Are You Happy With Your Work? If You Aren’t Happy, What Can You Do To Change It?

Eleven years ago I opened my own publicity business. I had always found
that working for someone else was problematic or maybe it was just as simple
as me wanting to be in charge and do things my way.

I love what I do! Really love it! I find that I am truly blessed in having a passion
in the work that I do. How many of you can actually say you love what you do?
It’s so important in your business and personal life to have that passion and be
excited about waking up in the morning. I’m not saying every day is like that,
because there are some days everything is so challenging that I just want to go
back home and curl myself under the covers.

What I like the best about having my own business is I get to choose who I will work
with. The philosophy of the business is that we want to work with people who are
doing good things in the world. It could be anyone from anywhere. I just feel that
I work so hard that I want it to be for someone that is bringing something beneficial
to the world, community, etc.

Sometimes situations can get difficult with clients or freelancers that I work with,
and I always try to communicate and work things through. If I cannot then it is time
to let go for all of us and move on, trying to make it as painless as possible without
having to blame who was right and who was wrong. That doesn’t solve anything.
I am not saying my way is the best way, but this is the path that I have found works
for me. What works for you? Or doesn’t work for you?

So I am asking you “are you happy with your work?” Tell me why? Or “are you
unhappy with your work?” and why?

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4 Responses to “Are You Happy With Your Work?”

  1. Gorclark Says:

    Well I am these days very happy with my job.

    I gave up travelling the world to work from home as an interent marketer. It took about 1 year to get going, made me a bit short on money at the start but, the main benefits are; I’m able to spend a lot of time with my 3 kids. Sometimes, they can drive me crazy though, I now feel I can really contribute to their well being and education.


  2. joanie watkins Says:

    I love my work as well. At this point I am not in the mood to create it. But that is about me. I have gotten lazy. I am looking to also try out another profession that would not interfere with my healing/ counseling work. I have been guilty about not working for awhile. A lot of gunky feelings are coming up for me that I know need cleansing and acknowledging and learning to accept myself with all my mishigosh. I also notice that my health, relaxation and the tension in my face are greatly improved. So maybe I need this time to germinate. I think that is the hardest thing for me, to trust my process when I am not being proactive.

    This would be a perfect time for me to have a terrace and sip my coffee in the morning and tea in the late afternoon. I am glad that you have that for yourself.

  3. sherri Says:

    The blog of yours is great! When I first saw it it was like awesome! Congratulations

  4. bleurowz Says:

    I’m at a crossroads when it comes to work. I think it’s because what has made me happy is changing. It used to make me happy just to have a steady job, with work I could accomplish in a 7 or 8 hour day, in an environment where I felt I got along with everyone pretty well and there weren’t too many disruptions.

    I still appreciate a work environment like that — low key, comfortable. I’m not someone who thrives on high energy or tight deadlines (though I’m more than willing to take them on if I need to — it’s inevitable they come up, I just don’t appreciate it if it’s the normal way a place does business), and I have no interest in office politics or power plays.

    But it’s not enough anymore, I also want work where I can exercise more creativity and have more say in what I do. Don’t know where that is or what it entails. Still on the journey.

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