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Morning Coffee-A New Bk 4 Caregivers of Alzheimer’s

“How to Communicate with Alzheimer’s:               15_19_1---Tree--Sunrise--Northumberland_web
A Practical Guide & Workbook for Families”

by Susan Kohler MS, CCC-SLP

Dr. Roger M. Lee, Santa Monica/UCLA Medical Center: “Taking care of persons with Alzheimer’s disease can be very challenging. The emphasis of good communication is vitally important as demonstrated in this book………..”

Diane Stillwell Weinberg, Caregiver: “Your wonderful, wonderful book! I am just knocked out by this book. It is just what I need……”

Judy Wunsch, Former Caregiver and Director of Volunteers’ Alzheimer’s Association, Los Angeles/San Bernadino Counties: “……….This book will help to fill a void in the literature of Alzheimer’s caring.”

Valen J. Tanner, Friend of Alzheimer’s patient: “It is informative with compassion. It’s my belief that wherever there is a need, this book will have a profound and significant impact. In my opinion. this book is elite resource material.”

Do not take our communication process for granted! Especially if you are living with someone who has Alzheimer’s, other related dementias, confusion or memory loss; the simple act of communication can be challenging between you and your loved one. Author, Susan Kohler, has worked “in the trenches” with the elderly population in health care settings for over 15 years. She knows how to help you create satisfying connections through her amazing book, “How to Communicate with Alzheimer’s.”

Susan has created a How-To-Book with with the needs of the caregiver in mind. It’s designed with a strong ring binding, so that you can lay it open on a table, read the information carefully and quickly refer to places of interest and learning. In this amazing and helpful book you will gain knowledge and insight on topics such as:

What’s So Important About Communication
The Deterioration of Communication Skills in the Progression of Dementia and What To Do About It
Communication Strengths of Persons with Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Communicating Strategies
Activities You Can Do
Troubleshooting Difficult Behavior
Understanding Your Role
Where To Go For Help

Susan is a licensed/certified Speech-Language Pathologist, dedicating time as a researcher at UCLA, hospitals and nursing homes, focusing on communication issues between family and professional caregivers and the frail elderly. Her experience has gained her recognition in lecturing and training on the subject of communication with this population, including published work and a training video on communicating with the cognitively impaired. Susan is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild and works professionally as an actress and singer, skills she attributes to laying the ground work for developing the techniques of making “connections” with persons who suffer from dementia. She currently resides in Santa Monica, CA. This would be an amazing interview. Please visit GR Publishing


Be sure to watch “The Alzheimer’s Project” documentary series on HBO.

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