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Strong Kids Healthy Kids Interview-2/17

Fredrick Hahn
Strong Kids, Healthy Kids
Wednesday, February 17th
8:00 PM EDT

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If you are a parent, no doubt you are aware of the child obesity epidemic. Adolescent obesity and declining health are skyrocketing. As a parent, you want your child or children to be stronger, leaner, healthier and happier.

Listen to FitTalk live, Wednesday, February 17th, 8:00 p.m. EDT with my guest, Frederick Hahn, author of Strong Kids Healthy Kids. Fred Hahn shatters the current ideas behind the child obesity epidemic and offers a simple and powerful solution to make your child strong, more athletic, healthy, lean and powerful.
Fredrick Hahn has been a professional trainer for over two decades and is certified by the American Council on Exercise. He is the founder and head of the renowned personal training studio Serious Strength, Inc. and has been working with kids in his Mighty Tykes and Teens Program for the past seven years. He has been interviewed by Dr. Mehmet OZ and Bob Greene on Oprah and Friends, The Today Show, CNN, WABC-TV, and featured in Allure, Family Circle, Woman’s World and Time Out New York just to name a scant few. He blogs for the Huffington Post and is a featured contributor to the Nutrition and Metabolism Society.
Mark your calendar right now and be sure to tune into FitTalk Wednesday, February 17th, 8:00 PM EDT at or call 347-215-6385 and listen LIVE on your phone.

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2 Responses to “Strong Kids Healthy Kids Interview-2/17”

  1. ShariFitness Says:

    Looking forward to having Fred on my show!

  2. sherri Says:

    He will amaze your listeners. He is doing wonderful work in the world and helping so many children and adults.

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