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Single, Sex & Honesty by Blaze

On Sex, Being Single, and Honesty
Okay, so tell me what to do? I totally dig this guy, and he seems like he could care less. So why am I bothering with him? You want to know the truth? Even if you don’t I am going to tell you. The sex is great!!! It’s great!! Love it!! But he’s an asshole. Doesn’t have a clue how to treat a lady except in bed.
Would you give that up? Do you think I should? I don’t, not unless someone else comes along, and believe me I’ve been looking, but dammit, nothing else interesting has come along.single_image20100306-26212-srcc7k-0
I don’t care about the size of a man’s cock. Either he’s got it or he doesn’t. So what? Why is it men and women think big cocks are better than small ones. I’m turned on by the guy, not the cock. You know one time I went to have sex with this Frenchman, and when he got undressed and I saw how huge his cock was I said to myself “how the hell is that ever gonna fit inside of me?” And guess what? It didn’t. And why do some men come so fast. Sometimes I get so frustrated because I just want to be fucked over and over again, and they come l0 minutes after they are inside me.
A few months ago I took someone home with me and he was gorgeous. I like the exotic looking ones who are young and slim. Yum!. He was so alive and then I found out that he took speed just to keep up with me. Can you imagine that? Taking speed to be with me? What is that all about? He had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and didn’t want to tell me the truth. When he finally did tell the truth, he wouldn’t take my calls after that. He wouldn’t see me. He didn’t get it that I so appreciated his honesty. He probably was embarrassed once he told me the truth and figured I wouldn’t want to be with him. Oh boy, did he have it all wrong. What’s with some of these guys? I can’t figure them out. Can you? Maybe you can help me out. There’s always something. Then there was this Scottsman. Lived in Edinburgh. Found me online through a dating service. Called me every single night in April and May until the time he came into NYC in June. Came in, met one another, hungout with me, and then we go up to his room. Get undressed.
I turn around and nothing. The cock wouldn’t go up. Just hung there, and he wouldn’t talk to me. He said “this has never happened to me before. ” I said why don’t you get some Viagra and than it won’t ever happen to you again. But he just wanted to get dressed and leave and so we did. I took a taxi home and never wanted to see him again. He acted like such a jerk even when I was kind to him. I guess he was totally mortified. A lot of guys don’t get it about communicating and belng able to work things out. For some reason they think they are like machines.
So I am telling you these stories because I just cannot leave the asshole I am with, because the sex is sooooo great. Really great.
And I also see this other guy. We were together for 5 years, but it seems as though he loves mommy more than me, so now we are friends, but friends with benefits. So, what the hell do you do if you are a single women, love sex, and would like to meet a nice guy? And you know what I hate. I cannot stand. When these men say they are going to call and they don’t. Oh yeah, I can hear you saying to yourself, Oh, I would never put up with it. Yeah, but let me ask you, if the sex was great, then would you put up with it?
That’s what i’ve done, but sometimes I must admit it gets to be a bit much, with the calling I mean. So, if there is anyone out there, who’s looking for a great relationship with a sexy woman, here I am!!!!! I can be reached at (2l2)-456-7890. Leave your name and number and I will call you back. This is a live profile speaking, not one of those one dimentional ones on Hearts.Com. I’m here babes and in living color!!!! They call me

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