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Another Offering from our guest writer Blaise-“Love At First Sight”

I fell in love with him from the first time I spotted him. For me it was love at first sight. I loved to touch his soft skin and run my lips along his entire body. My tongue would take in every nook and cranny of what was being offered, and I offering the deepest passion and titillation possible. His body would take my breath away. My body would open to the possibilities of the magic and the mystery. There was no holding back for either one of us. Time passed quickly by while making love, but we were living in the moment and not paying attention to what had gone by. The voluptuousness of our lovemaking was beyond anything imaginable. Somehow I felt as though my aging had brought a lusciousness and juiciness to the experience that I had never dreamed possible. Entwined in one another’s body, photos and videos taken of the imploding passion that was beating within us. A photo of the two of us kissing burns within my memory as though time has stood still. The love and the passion will never die within mlove

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