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Sherri Rosen Publicity,NYC-“Portraits of Eve”

Portraits of Eve Making Its Debut In NYC!

Photographer, Herb Way, has created a tastefully done e-book, hardcover book and website (Www.Portraits-Of-Eve.Com) of artistic nude photographs

Herb Way’s Portraits of Eve is a collection of semi-nude and nude photographic portraits of sixty women of color who represent a range of ages, ethnicities, and body types. The women share their body/soul conversations through personal statements that reflect their culture, values, life experiences, and self-image.

“I applaud Mr. Way for giving us a voice through these sixty vibrantly brave women and it is my hope, and I’m sure theirs, that maybe your eyes will be opened a little wider.”
– Jhae Mo’Kha Lewis

Herb Way has always been about celebrating rather than objectifying women. The women of Portraits of Eve have variously described the experience of being photographed nude or semi-nude as liberating, empowering, and healing. Most of them had never been photographed nude.

Herb Way says, “I feel highly honored by the trust that they placed in me and honored to have been allowed to contribute to their spiritual experience of body acceptance and self-expression.”

Mr. Way has been involved in photography for over forty years. He’s been a military photojournalist, in-house corporate photographer, freelancer doing corporate, editorial, portrait, wedding, and fine art work. He also has worked as a middle school teacher in the New Jersey school system. This is his first book. E-book available on request.

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