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Commitment In The Age of Throwaways

cerem_4_committment_2Commitment has become a state of being in the way I treat people, clients, situations. It’s a personal relationship that I have with myself in always wanting to stay or leave a situation better than when I came into it. Never wanting to give up on anything or anyone unless I see the situation is totally hopeless, and finding it’s best if I walk away.
It feels like commitment has become a dirty word. Something like Oh, I can replace you with something better, or Oh, I can get a better deal somewhere else or This relationship and my situation is too difficult, and I am out of here. Or, I don’t want to take care of my children, this is too hard, I need to walk away. An entire potpourri of feelings. Believe me I have had all of these feelings, but I go back to the commitment I have with myself about hanging in there.
A phenomenon that has occurred in my life regarding commitment has been a writing salon that I have been involved in for eight years. We gather together once a month to share the work we have written. All of us have distinct differences, personalities, disagreements, busy lives, but we have been the nucleolus that has hung in there over the past 8 years.
It has personally meant a great deal to me. I know I have heard the expression sometimes a person in your life is meant to be there for a moment, months, years, a lifetime, but somehow I feel that it’s an excuse because the work on being committed is so difficult. This may sound like a judgment, because it is. It’s the truth for me right now. I have experienced arguments with some of these people in the salon, and I have taken the time, and so have they, to talk, work it out and hang in there. It’s a constant surprise to me when it happens, but I appreciate it and I love these people. We are quirky, all of us have ever taken the road less traveled, we are sensitive, sometimes we get angry at one another, but we love one another, and they are like family to me. I would not want to ever intentionally hurt any of them, because they mean so much to me.
In this age of throwaways, being part of this salon has helped make me a better person, by hanging in there, and I thank them all for that.

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2 Responses to “Commitment In The Age of Throwaways”

  1. Karen Says:

    Great point…..

  2. Stephanie Potter Says:

    I like it! “In the age of throwaways….” Also, rather than racing along our path and going back for stragglers later, the invitation to “come with” is such a glorious gift. Cheers!

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