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My Super Heroine Who Gives Great Advice!

Funky Goddess Woman has a fierceness that cuts through the bullshit of excuses. She’s been around. She’s seen and heard it all.

She sees people around her that allow fear of failure to stop them from preceding ahead.

They want a guarantee that whatever idea, problem, creation they are working on will work, but

she knows there are no guarantees on anything.

Funky Goddess Woman says “don’t allow yourself to continuously be sidetracked, while all the time knowing what your problem is, and ultimately allowing fear of failure and fear of success to get in your way.”

She prods, she pushes, doesn’t hold back, and aims for the truth. She keeps

Injecting the medicine of truth into their heart until they wakeup and realize it’s no big deal to move ahead, actually it’s much easier and simpler than holding yourself back. Holding yourself back takes a great amount of energy and is a burden.

Funky Goddess Woman says “own your truth! Own what you are good at and don’t hold back!


funky goddess woman

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