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“Mindfulness And The 12 Steps”

Mindfulness and the 12 Steps:
Living Recovery in the Present Moment

Thérèse Jacobs-Stewart
Publisher: Hazelden

A fresh resource to help those in recovery from addiction and co-dependency find their own spiritual path through the Buddhist practice of mindfulness.

“This is a book that is moving and inspiring, while at the same time full of practical guidance.” — Kevin Griffin, Author, One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps

Mindfulness and the 12 Steps provides those in recovery with a new resource and fresh perspective for developing their own spiritual path. While revisiting each of the Twelve Steps, readers explore the interplay of ideas between mindfulness and Twelve Step traditions and learn to incorporate mindfulness into their path toward lifelong recovery. Reflections and questions for inquiry are complemented by stories from Buddhist teachers and members of her mindfulness recovery group, as well as by the author’s personal story of recovery as a practicing Buddhist.

Mindfulness and the 12 Steps will help awaken new thinking and insights into what it means to live fully, body, mind and spirit, in the here and now.

Thérèse Jacobs-Stewart has been a practicing psychologist, workshop developer, and international consultant for more than 20 years. She is the founder of the Mind Roads Meditation Center, a hub for a variety of classes and workshops featuring ancient spiritual practices, and modern scientific principles of how the mind functions. Opened on September 11, 2004 in St. Paul, it provides space for a community of teachers practicing different disciplines.

Previously, she wrote Paths are Made by Walking: Practical Steps for Attaining Serenity,” a unique synthesis of science and spirit which offers 20 basic practices designed to establish more healthy emotional responses to the stresses of everyday life.

Mindfulness and the 12 Steps:
Living Recovery in the Present Moment
Softcover, 208 pp.
Author: Thérèse Jacobs-Stewart
Recovery / Self-Help
ISBN-10: 1592858201
ISBN-13: 9781592858200
Publisher: Hazelden

Published: June 2010
List Price: $14.95

Distribution: HCI The Life Issues Publisher

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One Response to ““Mindfulness And The 12 Steps””

  1. Stephanie Potter Says:

    I really appreciate the mindfulness and recovery books. As well, it seems there is room for an expanded view since every book I have seen has alcohol as the primary example. I have yet to meet a recovering alcoholic who said that by giving up alcohol, (his) problems were solved. Only that by giving up alcohol he was able to see and take responsibility for the problems.
    Here in Burlington VT (pop 38,000) a “bunch of drunks” who vow in their traditions that “AA ought never be organized” manage to offer 86 AA meetings a Week! Twelve step groups are the only offered drop in groups in our area, all others require some kind of interview process.

    With all of our attachments and suffering,
    I remain,

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