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Peacefood Cafe, NYC-Humanity in Eating

I went into Peacefood Cafe on W. 82nd Street and Amsterdam Avenue, NYC a few months ago. I see clients around the area each week so I just popped in to see what it was like. I have been going there ever since.

First of all the restaurant is a Vegan restaurant and I am not a vegetarian. I do eat meat, but that didn’t stop me from going in an experiencing the restaurant. I loved the name and when you walk in you feel immediately welcomed. It is a big, open space, that is light and airy and the staff is lively and makes you feel so at home. I always like that type of place, and now it feels like my home away from home.

I have tried many things since I have been going there: the other Caesar salad is great, the muffins are fresh daily, along with a wide variety of Vegan desserts baked daily. They are the first Vegan Restaurant in NYC that has such a wide variety of daily, freshly made desserts to choose from.

The owner is Eric Yu. Eric was very welcoming from the first day that I met him. He opened this restaurant a year ago, and I tell you it is thriving. Each time I go in it is always busy. Eric is originally from Singapore, and he is a fellow Buddhist like myself. He is sincere and authentic when he says “my mission is to show people how to eat healthy food, without meat, and help them to wakeup.” His feeling that a meat eating culture can keep people asleep. Eric feels if we are educated at a young age about eating vegetarian food, that we would be much more conscious about our healthy eating choices.

Eric goes onto say that in the past he owned a successful antique store and this is his first experience owning a restaurant. Which is amazing to me. Antique buying is such a solitary profession and owning a restaurant one is so out there hiring staff, keeping everyone in balance, the food, etc. He has great courage, know how and tenacity to do what he has done.

When I love something I want to support them l00%, and that’s why I wanted to write about this restaurant. Check it out. Visit their website and I promise when you go in there you will not be disappointed. Tell Eric that Sherri Rosen sent you and have a great dining experience eating there.

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