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Book Review “Betty Dodson: My Sexual Revolution”

Just began reading Betty Dodson’s new memoir, and knew I had to read it a little at a time, because it is soooo hot. You will not be disappointed with this book. If anyone knows Betty, she writes like she lives “she doesn’t hold back.” She writes about her sexual awakenings as a young girl growing up in Wichita, Kansas, and how she comes to NYC as a young woman. As a young girl, Betty had the spirit to fight back for herself and her girlfriend, when the visiting uncle came to town. In many memoirs, the young girls were sexually molested and needed to spend 20 years in therapy, but not Betty. She seem to know how to take care of herself at a very young age. She was also fortunate that her parents weren’t religious and the hangups of sin and masturbation were not handed down to her to make her feel guilty and ashamed. Now don’t forget she was growing up in the 30’s and 40’s in the midwest.

She then shares her experience of being married and that never seem to go well for her. She was with this man for a long time, but it just didn’t workout and they finally got divorced. Betty was soon realizing that she was a free spirit and wanted to explore everything about her sexuality. Then along comes Grant. With Grant it was passion galore. They soon decided to be a primary couple but see other people. Little did Betty realize what a challenge this would be.

Betty tried everything from one night stands, threesomes, group sex, Grant photographing her while she made love to another man and much more. I don’t believe the author is saying that you must live her lifestyle and do what she has done. It’s something that has worked for her and it has helped her help women become more empowered sexually. Find out what works for you.

This year is Betty’s 81st year and when you meet her she is the most alive, authentic, sexually liberated woman I know. I highly recommend reading this book. Please visit her website. Love you Betty Dodson!

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  1. Salina Says:

    Switching your perspective can change how you approach a scenario completely. It’s your ideas that trigger your feelings which drive your actions. You can’t control what happens for you, however, you can control how you react to it!

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