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Review of “Portraits of Eve” by Andrea Garrison

Photographer Herb Way Shares Portraits of Eve

A Review By Andrea R. Garrison – Onlinewithandrea

Portraits of Eve – Women Of Color Share Their Body/Soul Conversations by Photographer Herb Way features real stories and natural photographs of Women Of Color. Herb Way say’s that his, “objective in doing this true photographic authentic essay is to graphically show that every body has a beautiful story to tell, even –especially – the woman of color’s. And that story encompasses the soul that animates the beliefs and experiences that inform, the energy and spirit that drive. Each body bared, each story shared generates a stronger appreciation for the full universe of feminine beauty, strength and sensuality. The viewer/reader will delight in the sense of freedom, satisfaction and self-acceptance that this book is designed to generate.”

In a world that seems to glorify and depict on the screen and in the glossy beauty magazines the so-called perfect body which is usually slim, often emaciated, blemish free and wrinkle free this book is truly refreshing. The women featured in Portraits of Eve are not the typical women that you would picture baring it all. They are all ages, various shapes and sizes, accomplished in their fields, honest, living life and they are proud of it. When you read their words and look at their pictures beauty takes on a deeper meaning and a reality that is truly heart opening. While a picture certainly can tell a story Photographer Herb Way was quite brilliant in his approach when he decided to add the personal reflections and the true stories of these women. There is truly nothing left to the imagination in Portraits of Eve. It is very clear that these women are bold, smart, beautiful and proud. Portraits Of Eve reminds us of the importance of going deeper beyond the physical surface and that beauty does exists on many levels at any age. Every mark on our body represents history, a story of experiences encountered and a reflection of what we have overcome to be where we are and who we are at this very moment. For more information on Herb Way visit, and listen to the Onlinewithandrea interview.

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