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“The Problem With Money? It’s Not About the Money!” by Jane Honeck

I met the author when I was at the New England Book Festival 2010 in January in Boston, Mass. I was accepting an award for my client, and Jane was accepting an award for her book “The Problem With Money“.

As Jane says in her title it’s not about the money. Jane says the only power we give money is the value we give it. We have operated for years solely believing that the power of money is the way to live our lives, and we have now found out after the collapse of our financial institutions, our credit card debt, our living in homes we actually didn’t own, our belief in financial advisors, who have betrayed us over and over again, that it’s more about our beliefs about the relationship we have with money that has caused us all of these problems we are in now.

Jane is a fellow New Englander living in Portland, Maine. I shared with her that I grew up in Lynn, Mass, a small town right next to Boston, and what I saw done with money was disrespectful, and downright dishonest. So I took those beliefs with me and felt earning a great deal of money was going to lead me down a path of destruction. I found I went the opposite direction and became a low wage earner, until many years later, when I realized, like Jane says in her book that it is about the relationship I had with money. I soon began to realize that I could do great things with money, I could save it, I could gather people around me who I trusted and could advise me financially, and I could help people with the money. I turned from being disempowered in my relationship with money to being empowered,

Jane was an accountant for many years owning her own business, so she truly understands the relationship people have with money. She coaches, she gives presentations, interviews, and is truly helping people understand how to empower themselves in a down home and genuine way. I was impressed with her integrity and I recommend that you read this book. It will open your eyes, and most important! She doesn’t make you feel guilty if you are one of the many people that have made so many mistakes with money.

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