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Backpacking the Land of Publicity and Publication

Title: Backpacking the Land of Publicity and Publication

Is a writer’s diet really rice and beans? What’s hot in the world of paperbacks and Kindles? How can I find my voice? How can I forge important networks? Whether you’re a student struggling through Composition 101, a professional writer, or a publisher—this blog is for you. Every week we will be here. Sharing.

So you finally published your novel or signed that new author. Now it’s time for the marching band to come play your tune, right? Wrong. Whether you’re going to hire a publicist or do it yourself, it’s up to you to make some noise. The good news is, you don’t have to manage a Fortune 500 company, have a bottomless budget, or write like Shakespeare. To garner print and broadcast media attention all you have to do is be yourself and be brave.

This doesn’t mean it isn’t daunting. To write or to publicize a book can seem impossible. But it is not. You just need to get off on the right foot. And sometimes getting off on the right foot means you need to make a pot of coffee, wear your favorite silly slippers, and pull out a blank legal pad. You’ll figure out what to throw in your backpack or where to explore in due time.

The world of words and media is like a vast and foreign country. Preparing a press release or trying to research your next novel can feel like studying for the GRE. But the world of books and press is immeasurably more beautiful than school tests—and there’s ways to make it simple. Find a good Travel Guide Book, the kind with maps and humor and key information written by someone whose been there. In other words, when you’re coffee’s hot and you’re ready to approach books with fresh wind in your sails, click around the internet until you find this blog. We’re traveling already, every day. And we’re excited to share our stories and notes from the vast but beautiful land of publicity and publication.

To drink or not to drink? To write with pen and paper, or to type? To sign that new author or give last year’s book another marketing push? We’ve had the same questions. We don’t have all the answers; but we have learned a lot of lessons. We want to share them with you. And we want it to be fun.

Encouragement, inspiration, or just a comforting morning laugh. That’s what the Morning Coffee- Sherri Rosen Publicity Blog is all about. We hope you’ll come back to visit again. We’ll be here. Every week. Encouraging you to shine.

We also want to officially welcome Tyler Blanski to our family. Tyler and I will be corroborating on our blogs.

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