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Notes From A Catholic: Dates Don’t Bite

“Where have all the men gone?” my friend Staci asked me over drinks. “All I want to do is go on a few dates, get to know some guys, but the wells are dry.”

I could sympathize. It seems like every year it becomes more difficult for a Catholic girl to find a guy who will go on a date. Getting guys and gals excited about dating in general can be strangely difficult. Coming up with a good date idea is even more mystifying; finding an actual person to date, practically impossible; to discover that they’re Catholic, a novelty.

But there are tons of places to meet guys and girls—and the gym isn’t one of them. I know it sounds old fashioned, but when it comes to finding a date no place is better than church. Pew-fuls of good, responsible and fun young people are but a “Hello, my name is…” and a Styrofoam cup of coffee in the lobby away. Target is a great place to meet girls. Or try the grocery store, in the frozen foods section, near the ice cream. You don’t need to accidently reverse your Honda into her Volkswagen to strike up a conversation in the Starbucks parking lot. Need I mention RCIA classes? Next time, sit a little closer to that cute guy in the librarian glasses.

Listen up Catholic girls: if you think hot dates are nowhere to be found, you are not looking hard enough. They are out there. Living life. Just like you. When you’re fueling up at the gas station you don’t need to coldly stare into space when that cute brunette pulls up. Gather yourself, be bright and kind and brave, and you’ll be surprised how conversational and friendly the world can be. Almost no situation is exempt from sparking a new date opportunity. You just need to be looking.

Frankly, prince charming doesn’t exist. Plenty of good Catholic men are waiting for a woman like you. Are you going to the places where they can find you?

And as far as fun dates go, wipe from your mind any ideas about Applebees or Perkins. Our parents got a lot of things right, and one of them was bowling, beer, and the double date. When there are museums to explore, old cathedrals to tour, and parks with perfectly functioning swing sets, there’s simply no excuse to yet again drop another fifty bucks at yet another loud bar. What happened to the picnic? No one is ever too cool for the zoo. No one outgrows flying a kite or riding bikes to the Fourth of July parade downtown. Just pack water, cheese, a bottle of wine, and a few tiny American flags to and you’re set. Heck, you could even pack your Rosary.

This is just one of the hundred reasons why I’ve written “How to Get to I Do: A Dating Guide for Catholic Women.” It’s honest. It’s real. And it celebrates all the wealth and health of dating.

Dates don’t bite. They don’t have to be expensive, and they don’t have to be full of draining small talk. A good date is a great way to play, to have fun with a stranger, and to discover your own city in the process. Keep things light, have fun, and you never know: the weirdo with the argyle sweater just might become your main squeeze. And, yes, sometimes the best dates are trekking it to Mass on bright Sunday mornings.



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    Notes From A Catholic: Dates Don't Bite – Sherri Rosen Publicity – New York City

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    Notes From A Catholic: Dates Don't Bite – Sherri Rosen Publicity – New York City

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    Notes From A Catholic: Dates Don't Bite – Sherri Rosen Publicity – New York City

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