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Getting Your eBook Out There and Getting It Published

Getting your eBook out there just got easier

You know that feeling when dinner’s almost ready? The rooms of the house smell good, the wine is breathing, and jazz (or hip-hop) is playing softly from the vicinity of the living room. That’s what publishing and publicity is for us here at Sherri Rosen Publicity. It isn’t just a job. It’s like cooking. It’s what we do because we love the process, the aroma of it all, and (of course) the final results. Books, and the world of books, can be intimidating at first. But to us, it’s like cozying up with a great guest list for a dinner party. We love every minute of it—and, well, we have a knack for it.

Are you looking to self-publish your own eBook and make it available on the web? Want to make your novel or book of poetry compatible with the Apple iPad, Sony Reader, Stanza, Blackberry and Android-based devices, and more? And do you want the process to be as easy as it is exciting? We’ve got you covered

We have created innovative ways to make eBook publishing fast and easy—and again, it’s because we love what we do. Experience an increase in your profits and exposure, and build a great relationship with a publicist who cares passionately about words, writers, and the industry. We help talented writers become real authors. Whether you are a seasoned author or a new author writing your first book, whether you’re writing a romance novel, action and suspense, poetry, children’s literature or historical fiction, or spiritual book, we can help you get published and build your platform

What is an eBook, exactly? An eBook will be totally electronic version of your book. eBooks are delivered by download. It’s fast. Apart from the low cost of setting it up, it’s free. And it’s one of the best ways to get a high-royalty return on your talent.

There’s a lot of reasons to publish your book electronically. Increased royalties,

Instant delivery, Multi device support -?Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad, for one. You don’t need to purchase an expensive piece of hardware to read eBooks. They can be enjoyed on home computers, laptop computers and even handheld PDAs as PDF (Portable Document Format) files, and, of course, Kindles.

eBooks are quickly becoming ubiquitous, and this is good news for writers and artists. Shoot us an email and tell us about your project. We love discovering writer’s passions and stories, and want to know you. We want to celebrate your hard work, and get it out there. You don’t need to blow your own horn. We’ve got lungs like Louis Armstrong and a heart as big as V8 gas guzzler for this stuff. And eBookshare is one of many ways to launch your career and build your platform—but this will have to wait for future blogs.

Sherri Rosen, Sherri Rosen Publicity, NYC and Tyler Blanski, TylerBlanski.Com

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