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Do authors expect too much without putting in the work?

“Do Authors Expect Too Much?”

As a writer, it seems like months—years—can go by when your potential is unseen, your voice unheard, and your abilities un-applauded.

There can also be seasons where all you run into are walls and dead ends. Where are all the agents hiding? Have the muses fled into antiquity never to be seen again? And time: you have never had so little time. And all the while the publicity isn’t happening.

Weren’t you supposed to be signing copies of your best-selling novel months ago? Watching your Amazon sale’s ranks soar sky-high? Catching flights to important interviews around the United States and Europe?

Whether it’s creating or publicizing your book, the writer’s life can be slow, slow. But unknown does not mean unimportant! Though we often want to rush through these anonymous seasons of the writing life, they hold tremendous power to cultivate writing habits and approaches to publicity that cannot be developed in any other way.

A good platform can’t be built over night. That which is swiftly built, swiftly falls apart. Ever wonder why the used bookstore is full of so many obscure books? One Hit Wonders are, well, short lived and sporadic. Then they are gone. Hardly remembered. Marketing your book, finding the right audience, carefully crafting your voice—these things take time.

For the publicist and the writer, patience is on your side and, sometimes, so is time. You’ll run into problems you could not have foreseen or planned for, but you’ll also discover new byways and avenues to explore, find fresh perspectives and postures. You have to keep working at it—don’t give up! Good publicity, like good writing, takes time.

So keep brainstorming. Keep carving out those hours to write. And keep investing in publicity that will build a solid foundation of rock so that when you are discovered, you will last.

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