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Judging a book by its cover: Choosing a publicist

Judging a Book by the Cover: How to Select a Publicist


Have you ever stood in a supermarket aisle staring at row after row of cereals, wondering which box you should purchase? Cheerios or Lucky Charms? Captain Crunch or the granola? Most kids select a cereal because they like the box; which, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with the quality or nutrition of the cereal. So the first thing you learn when looking for a healthy breakfast is the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover;” or, in this case, a cereal by its box. You need to look at the nutrition information, scan the ingredients, and check to see if it’s organic or not.


Well, when choosing a publicist, you should judge a book by the cover. This is because publicists are in the business of making great covers. Yes, check out their “ingredients:” find out if they have a good track record, who speaks highly of them, how they do business, and if they’re honest and real. But don’t forget to notice how they present themselves and their clients. Go ahead: be shallow. If they can’t sell themselves to you, how can you expect them to sell your book?


So first, choose a publicist that grabs your attention, that stands out. If you like their energy, if you love their vision and enthusiasm, then that’s the energy and enthusiasm you should harness for your book. If they don’t have a solid presentation, a warm report, or solid communication skills, well, then they’re not for you.


Next, do your homework. Find out who they have worked for in the past. How did those marketing campaigns turn out? Were previous authors pleased with the results? If possible, get in touch with them. Find out if the publicist is sympathetic, hard working, and just.


But most importantly—after you’ve judged a book by its cover, and after you’ve done your homework—talk to them. A good relationship with a good publicist can do more than boost sales: it can breathe new life into you vision and enthusiasm. A good publicist won’t just get the public excited about your book. They’ll awake new passion and energy within you for your own project. You’ll be proud of your work all over again.


—That is, at least, what we try to do at Sherri Rosen Publicity. We want to celebrate your vision and reach your potential markets the old fashioned way: through hard work, good relationships, great campaign strategies, and a deep passion for your book.


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