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Jesusville by Philip Cioffari

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Have you lost faith – in God or the Church or the social order?


By Philip Cioffari

(Livingston Press, $l8.95, 260 p, ISBN 978-1-60489-071-6)


NEW YORK, NY (May, 2011) Philip Cioffari has done it again. He wanted to depict the emptiness at the heart of his characters’ lives, and the struggle for meaning that results from this emptiness.

What better place for them to meet than a lonely outpost in a Southwestern desert where man comes face to face with the seeming inconsequentiality of his existence? As their frustration intensifies, they resort to more desperate measures in their search – which, in turn, exposes their vulnerability, their need for redemption and, ultimately, their humanity.

The mix includes: an hallucinogenic drug that, according to legend, allows the user to see God; an aging priest who cannot see any good he has done; a doubting journalist in search of his lost faith; a photographer who can see her subjects but not herself; a teenage sexpot who’s been pursuing a religious leader of a hallucinogenic cult; that leader’s ignored son; and a fleeing mobster who sees the hallucinogen as a bargaining chip to save his life. They all come together in a darkly comic, twenty-first century version of Judgment Day.

Philip Cioffari is the author of two books: the mystery/thriller Catholic Boys, and the short story collection, A History Of Things Lost Or Broken, which won the Tartt Fiction Prize and the D.H. Lawrence award for fiction. His short stories have been widely published in commercial and literary magazines and anthologies, including North American ReviewPlayboy, and Michigan Quarterly Review.

He has written and directed for Off and Off-Off Broadway. His Indie feature film, which he wrote and directed, Love In The Age Of Dion, has won numerous awards, including Best Feature Film at the Long Island International Film Expo, and Best Director at the NY Independent Film & Video Festival. He is a Professor of English and Director of the Performing and Literary Arts Honors Program at William Paterson University.

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