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You–the limited edition

Ever been confident that you could do something, and do it well, only to fail? Have you ever found out that you needed way more than self-confidence and a do-it-yourself attitude? It’s only too easy to be overconfident and exceed our limits, especially if we think we have foolproof plans. And this is why it is time to introduce the Limited Edition of you, the you who can say (with some pride) “I have limits.”

It can be a powerful tool to have that kind of knowing your limitations. We are constantly encouraged by marketers and employers to be a perpetual entrepreneur. You can do it yourself, we are told; you can learn anything and do it well.

But this glowing optimism often fails to address our humanity. We have limited time, for example. We have natural dispositions and skills and natural weaknesses. Some of us are well suited to be interior-designers and others, well, we wouldn’t trust them with crayons and paper.

Here at Sherri Rosen Publicity, we have discovered who we are, the Limited Edition. When it comes to financial matters, we knew we needed assistance. Although we’re excellent at campaigning and publicity, we just cannot do accounting  and bookkeeping on our own. We needed outside assistance. After much trial and error, we hired a good accountant to manage our business numbers and taxes, and also a great bookkeeper.

Although it’s humbling to admit we can’t master something as seemingly common as accounting, by hiring an accountant we are now able to double our energies in what we love doing—publicity that gets results.

What about you? Is there some part of your personal or business life that you’ve been trying to manage, even though it’s beyond what you have the time or skill to do? Maybe it’s time to introduce the new you, the Limited Edition, the you who is bravely able to say, “I have limits.”

By acknowledging our limits, we free ourselves to accomplish more of what we were made to do. We can thrive. We can come alive.

Our guess is you’ll see better results at work. You’ll feel like a better person. Heck, you’ll probably sleep better at night. You do not have to do everything yourself. Because you are a human being. You are you. The Limited Edition.

Sherri Rosen & Tyler Blanski, Sherri Rosen Publicity, NYC


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One Response to “You–the limited edition”

  1. LaShawnda Says:

    Nice, Sherri and very true. We are limited and we should focus on the things we do best. I think I’ll start my search for an accountant next week! 🙂

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