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Reason to be Pretty -about designer Nophar Haimovitz

“Reason to Be Pretty” is a fabulous lavish and eclectic fashion and accessories line. Designed by Nophar Haimovitz, the line portrays the designer’s love, appreciation and knowledge of the world of hand crafted embroideries, embellishments.

Inspired by everything pretty, designer Nophar Haimovitz captures the delicate, rare and graceful beauty in her work and creates a feminine unique line of divine fashion necklaces and gorgeous dresses to match. The luxurious “Reason to be Pretty” features extravagant hand crafts as each piece is handmade to perfection, with the utmost attention to color combination, fabrication, comfort and delightful details in a way that makes each item charming, sophisticated and beautiful.

The Reason To Be Pretty neck piece collection, is a unique and rare ensemble of exquisite materials which are hand crafted into a fabulous over size neck pieces, designed to elevate any outfit into a distinct elegant and lavish look. The items are rare and lavish fashion pieces, created to make a fashion statement and make any woman feel beautiful at any given moment. From the hand made flowers and fabric beads, through the fantastic color combinations, and on to the exclusive vintage components, each Reason To Be Pretty item is created by the designer into an extraordinary one of a kind piece. No two items will ever be exactly alike.

About the designer: Nophar Haimovitz was born in Israel and graduated with honors from “Shenkar College of Engineering and Design”. As a fashion designer, Nophar Haimovitz worked at different fashion companies, and specialized in the world of embroideries and embellishments. Her embroidery designs appeared on many designer garment from the department stores to the couture runway, and were recognized and appreciated by international groups and were nominated for awards. She now lives and creates in New York.

There is always a reason to be pretty.

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