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Lust is touching bodies, love is touching souls

Lust is touching bodies, love is touching souls

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Have you ever wished you could buy your groceries without having to pass through a checkout aisle of cheap candy and magazines bombarding you with brassieres, cleavage, and thighs? All you wanted was to buy fixings for a salad, and you leave the grocery store with catch-phrases like, “Weird things that turn guys on,” or “77 sex positions in 77 days,” or even: “What more people are doing to their butts.” This is, at least, what Cosmopolitan lately flashes you.

Have you ever been cruising in your car after a long day and tuned in to the Top 40 radio station only to be attacked with sexual phrases like “Sexting anyone lately? Alien sex?” or “We went streaking in the park, skinny dipping in the dark, then had aMénage à trios…” Or have you ever watched a movie that you thought was supposed to be about adventure, traveling, and great art…only to find out it’s a loud porno with a plot?

All you wanted was a good flick, some music to sing along to, or fixings for your salad. But what you got was an assault of sexually explicit advertisement and entertainment. And the words and images are non-stop. Even if it’s the last thing we want, they end up shaping our imaginations, our ideas about what good love or good sex or good relationships are supposed to be like. And they end up having us objectifying everything, even the fun and spontaneous stuff we do in sex. The joy and soul of sex has disappeared. And does anyone really understand about the joy and soul of sex?

Can relationships really be reduced to the same shelf as meticulously pitched magazines? Should sex be as cheap as Skittles? Can we really learn about sex from the Kardashians?

Society cheapens sex. In the media and pop culture, it is little more than a ploy to make more money fast. And the dangerous thing for us grocery shoppers and motorists is, it might steal more away from us than just a little pocket change. It could steal away your vision of human flourishing. It could steal away the sex life you could have had…were it not for all the nonsense that made sex into something it’s not.

It’s time to dream of a sex more costly and more meaningful than what can be pitched and marketed. And we’re sure it will be more colorful than a bag of Skittles and more catchy than Katy Perry’s new theme-songs.

Sherri Rosen & Tyler Blanski,Sherri Rosen Publicity, NYC

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