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A new song

A New Song

Sometimes, poor health forces you to step back, and slow down—whether you like it or not. Soon, not only your personal life is affected, but also your business life.

And when that happens, it’s pretty easy to start beating yourself up. You know you can do more, achieve more, be more engaging, more alert, but (back problems, seasons of depression, migraine headaches) are holding you back. You might feel like you’re not good enough, you’re not capable.

But when your poor health forces you to slow down, the last thing you should do is beat yourself up. Do not be discouraged. Sometimes the seasons of our lives force us to see the world from new vantage points. Sometimes even being sick or wounded can offer a fresh perspective, a masked opportunity. It just takes a moment of insight to see it.

Sometimes when we are recovering from knee surgery or lying in bed with the flu, and simply unable to keep up with the fast paced corporate and social world, we are actually in a moment of blessing.

Step back. Take a deep breath. Pull back the curtains and open the windows and listen to the world go crazy outside. Right now is your time. It’s time for you to sip a hot cup of tea, smoke a joint, have a glass of wine, listen to music you haven’t heard in ages, and pull out your journal or a good book. Or pray. Or do yoga. Take a moment to assess your life.

Have you considered changing your job because you need to work at something less physical? Have you listed your deep passions, or discovered your skill sets?

When our bodies tell us to slow down, we better listen to them. We are all zooming into the future at sixty seconds per minute. Every one of us. And there’s no changing the tempo. But you can change the song. So, even if you’re down-and-out, even if you can no longer run, but can walk, or you’re looking at an ocean of old pictures of you 20 lbs slimmer, know your passion and desire can help make you a new song and make it beautiful

Sherri Rosen & Tyler Blanski, Sherri Rosen Publicity, NYC

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