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Thinking outside the box with publicity

When it comes to publicity, sometimes you need to think outside the box. True, the avenues for getting the word out are mostly fixed and often very predictable. From radio campaigns to blog-craft, from scheduling TV interviews to getting articles published in popular magazines or academic journals, the road to publicity is usually paved in stone. But sometimes it’s not enough to go about the same thing in the same old way. Sometimes, you have to try an old thing in a new way. You have to break the mold.

If you do not stir the pot, the soup will burn.

What does this look like? Well, if you’re a musician, filmmaker or artist you might want to make a promotional video of your work, rather than putting together a regular press release. Put it up on youtube, share it with your network on facebook, and get the ball rolling before the ink is dry and the envelops stamped for the usual mailing list.

What if you are an author who has a book about rap? Is it enough to craft the content and carefully prepare the package for only a rap-listening audience? Or should you try to press into a wider audience, broaden your potential audience, and pull a “Zen and the Art of Rap Lyrics,” approach?

Once, we here at Sherri Rosen Publicity, New York City had a client who was on the college circuit and when booked in colleges, we tried a new approach: we booked her on radio and television interviews in the cities that she would be speaking in. This way she could double—if not triple—her audience. She had never even approached that kind of publicity before, and it opened up whole new arenas for her work. And her books sold.

Sometimes, it is exactly what is unpredictable that will sell books. Sometimes, it is what takes people by surprise, a sudden fresh burst of innovation, and potential market gaps are breached, books are sold, and readers are happy.

We want to help you think outside the box for successful publicity. We want to find a fresh medley of vegetables and ingredients to bring new life to your project. Sometimes, if you do not stir the pot, the soup will burn.
Sherri Rosen & Tyler Blanski, Sherri Rosen Publicity, NYC

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